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Dr. Gary Saltz, Orthodontist

Our Commitment

To be in a position to serve others and improve their health and well being is truly a gift and a blessing.
When parents bring their children to us for treatment, they are entrusting us with their most cherished possession in life. This act of trust is a tremendous privilege that demands a high level of responsibility. Each patient must be treated with the utmost skill, compassion and sensitivity.            

8920 Wilshire Bl.  Beverly Hills  90211


1304 15th St.  Santa Monica  90404

Dr. Saltz has practiced Orthodontics for over 25 years. He has extensive experience with orthodontic treatment techniques from early childhood preventive treatment, including expanders and special retainer devices, to miniaturized micro braces, adult braces, invisalign and more.            
The nurses and staff are 
committed to serving our patients with the finest treatment in a gentle and caring environment.



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